Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feeling like a balloon....

I love my sons. I love to read. Why do those two sentences repel each other? Like oil and water! I tell myself they need to see me reading so they can learn to love it. I read to them, take them to the library and bookstore, share books and discuss them with them, and much more in the name of learning to love reading. They see me returning to college to become a K-8 librarian. Truthfully, I love to read for myself. For some reason, they cannot refrain from asking me questions every other sentence I read - no matter what time of day or room I am in. The reality for me is that reading in my home is like being a helium balloon. It cannot resist rising up to where it belongs in creation, floating to a new realm, then get's yanked back down by its string that is held by a smiling little boy's hand - smiling and yanking it....


  1. Your boys are 'participating' in your reading. They are listening, learning and enjoying every moment of it. You've done well as a mom! :)

  2. Don't give up. Your are an incredible example. (Angie)