Sunday, April 4, 2010

Anyone know why?

Why do we dye and hide eggs? Every holiday I try to reflect on the "why" of traditional things we do. We place a huge importance on the egg hunt at Easter. We boil, dye and hide the eggs. We do community and church egg hunts and go to extremes to make the "perfect" basket for each kid. It was snowing yesterday and I was so worried about the egg hunt at home and the one I was going to be helping with at church. How in the world would we manage an egg hunt indoors in our small building with that many kids and 400+ eggs? Everything turned out great. The snow melted and it was just cold and breezy. The children had a wonderful morning. But, I still can't connect the event of my Savior's resurrection to the eggs - anybody?


  1. Nope, never really knew why. Googled it got this from Wikepedia:

  2. Thank you! I read most of the Wiki info and I think at least the rebirth/renewal idea makes sense. The whole chicks born at the same time as Easter. Still the whole painting/hiding think is kinda funny though!

  3. The Pastor was trying to explain it to a boy in front of me in the greeting line on the way out of church on Sunday. He was saying something about it starting with a Pagan holiday tradition. I can't ever explain it to my kids either. I tell them the egg represents the life cycle. (Angie)