Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Scott's have kilts and we've got ?

Okay, so we are at that midway point between 5 months of winter and one month of Spring when we experience sun shining on glistening, melting snow (and don't forget the minor flooding every year). How do we respond to this? We show our true Montana colors. I just walked the dog out back in flip-flops in the snow....well, what do you expect, I just painted my toenails because Spring is coming! And my dear, wild, Wyatt came home from school wearing his (zip-off-pant) shorts and snowboots! If only I had the camera handy.....


  1. Wyatt is a kick! I can totally picture him in his shorts and snow boots and you in your flip flops trying not to mess up your new pedi while walking Ruby in the slush! (Angie in Elverta)