Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Love Notes

Who doesn't love a "Love Note"? Remember getting them in junior high? Remember the anticipation of writing one, unsure if you had the courage to deliver it? Do you recognize the ones that God sends to you every day? I'm not referring directly to the Bible this time - that's the obvious one.What about all that you enjoy, seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, feeling? Once again in the way John and Stasi Eldredge get my attention in the very beginning of a chapter, they have done it again in Chapter 7 of "Captivating". John tells about having a quiet time at the beach and seeing a whale all by himself. He felt that was a note from God just for him. Staci tells of asking for a whale too but receiving a beautiful starfish, marvelling at it and then seeing Zillions of them! All by herself - she felt she was just delivered a very special love note from God. I think of these moments often in my own life, do you? Here are the things I easily notice are from Him saying , "Hello Leah!," and shouting, "I love you!" :

The sunrise over the snow-covered, Bridger mountains all pink and purple

The stars that twinkle and zoom when I grudgingly walk my dog before bedtime

The sparkle on the snow when the moon is full

A quiet moment at Hyalite Lake (preferrably in the canoe)

The excitement of catching a trout

Chocolate, not just any, the good stuff....why do you think they named it "Dove"?

A pretty girly-girl bookmark

Green tea with honey

A trusting snuggle from our timid guinea-pig "Marshmallow"

The sparkle of a diamond, no matter how small
The scent of lavender

The gut-busting laughter of my sons

One of the boys getting my attention and telling me, "I love you, Mom"

Coffee-talk with my husband, Chris

A hug from a friend

A hot bath
The Vanilla lip balm my friend helped me make

The gift of time to say "I love you, see you soon" to my Grandma before she went to live with Him. (see my blog portrait, that's a crop of my favorite photo of me sitting with her)

The song, "Something Beautiful", by Need to Breathe (click the link below, then the grayscale arrow to listen)

How are your "Love Notes" delivered to you? Please share, I look forward to learning how He speaks differently to each of us.


  1. Just popped over from Cappuccino Life to say hi. :) Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    I looooove your layout here. Got'cha on my favorites list now. :)

  2. Thanks Margaret! I've been enjoying yours for years, watching your boys grow up, trying out your recipies and crafts. We made your buttercream mints at Christmas - what fun! The blog layout is free. There's a link at the top.

  3. Love the fun new layout for Spring. Once again you got my tears flowing with this Love Note Entry. In a good way though. Some of mine:
    The yellow Daffodils planted by my husband that bloomed this week. My youngest son, Bridger sitting on the toilet for a long time with a tummy ache and just has to hug me right then and tell me he loves me. Another son getting to celebrate his 5th birthday this week after a health scare through the holidays. My oldest son hugged me in front of his friends before leaving for camp last week. Getting a text from my 19 y.o. daughter that says, "I miss you." My family that can drive me crazy, also gets me through crazy times. My husband going shopping for me to pick up a few of the items on the list the church needed for the Easter Fun Day---and coming home with not just a few items, but so much more on the list!(Angie in Elverta)