Monday, February 15, 2010

A Rowdy Symphony?!

Matthew Savery, Conductor
That's right! We took the boys to the local symphony Saturday and it was WILD!

Once a year they offer a free family concert and we are always blown away. Last year, Jack Horner (think Jurassic Park-the movie was based on his research) gave a slide show and kid-friendly narration about paleontology while the band played. This year was a patriotic theme with a mix of humor. Each year they hire an actor, and I mean a really GOOD actor, to do a funny skit that leads into each piece. This time HE, the actor Joel Jahnke, dressed up as George Washington, Betsy Ross, and among other famous historical figures - the Statue of Liberty. He had us rolling in the seats with laughter and somehow the music would transition us to a place in our hearts where our patriotism runs the deepest. I found myself teary eyed more than once. I think it was because I kept going back in my mind to the book "Captivating" and the description about God revealing his beauty through people and things like mountains and music. The comic relief was necessary to break the intensity of the music mixed with the slideshow of historical paintings. The Maestro got the kids going and for the entire last song the whole audience was on their feet for the last song clapping like mad. Even my 7 year old was fist pumping! Bravo! Encore!


  1. Did you ever get to check out Ellen Hopkins? Her books aren't actually scary, just sort of...edgy. I didn't like the way they were laid out at first (like a poem), but I quickly got used to it and read two of her books in six days:)

  2. Did she write Hunger Games? If so I recently bought that and the sequel. Those were the ones I thought were "edgy" too but not actually scary. Now I'm curious!

  3. Me and Michael would have loved that concert! Hooray that you all made it and hooray that you even got to enjoy it! -Angie