Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is it Odd or is it God?

I heard that saying last week for the first time. I may not even understand it right but I think it applies to those coincidental situations where things come up more than once and you feel it's not normal. As Christians, we often feel that's God trying to get our attention. That was the case for me this morning. I still can't stop thinking about it. Last Wed I read a devotion written by the couple that gave us "Captivating". This one was referring to the story in the Bible about Jehoash going to see Elisha to ask his advice on how to protect Israel. Elisha told him to "strike the rock" but he only struck it three times. Elisha sensed he was not doing it with his whole heart and professed that he would only defeat his enemy three times instead of five or six because that's how little effort he put into the instruction to "strike the rock". What does explaining a devotion that someone else wrote have to do with me? Well, one of the first things my friend, who loves the Lord with all her heart and then-some, mentioned to me this morning was how tired she was and was seeking God for strength. When she was reading her devotions (out of a book, not from internet like mine) it was about the same story! She took it to heart and told me she was going to strike that rock many times! Is it odd that both of us, tired but willing to press on regardless, were inspired by this scripture in the same week? Is God telling me something about being sure I'm in it with my whole heart? You bet! It makes me think about my position as team leader for kids ministry and how I better check myself and make sure I am in it with my whole heart - He's checking me and will help me go and win battles as many times as I obey Him. It's not odd! It's God!

Anyone else have those moments lately? Please comment - I'd love to hear them!


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