Friday, February 19, 2010

It's not their fault.....more on "Captivating"

I just finished Chapter 5 of Captivating titled "A Special Hatred". Jon and Staci Eldrege explain why it was Eve who was tempted in the garden. Eve was originaly created as a reflection of God's beauty. Not just outer beauty but radiating beauty like a sunset over the mountains. They refer us to Ezekial 28:12-14 where it describes just how gorgeous Satan was (Lucifer) before he fell. He wanted to be the MOST beautiful and his pride led him to go after her instead of Adam. He suceeded in separating her (and mankind) from God, giving her a deep feeling of lonliness (for God) and getting us kicked out of the garden. Often women feel lonely but unsure why or for who? How many of us long to live in a garden like Eden? I'd assume most of us strive during our days to create some sort of Eden out of our lives. They point out that in the Bible Eve was also named "Desolate". Ever feel desolate? Starting to identify with Eve? Satan takes it even further. He attemps to confirm those feeling of loniless, unworthiness in us by manipulating people around us. As often as he is able he leads people around us to make us feel like there is something wrong with us and that's why they leave or withold affection or maybe even reject us. Jon and Staci help us understand that it's like Satan wants to act as the puppetmaster, man and woman the puppets. The good news is that Jesus came to cut those puppet strings. He came to restore us to Eden, to communion with Him, to delight in us. Read Isaiah 62:1-5 and insert your name where it says, "Jerusalem" and see how God promises to rejoice over you. Insert your name in Isaiah 62:4" the Lord delights in ______your name here______.


  1. I think God led me to this blog. This is exactly what I needed to hear!

  2. Thanks Amber! That means it was worth typing it TWICE! (Yep, that ol' Lucifer made me erase the first copy just as I was clicking "publish") Had to type it all over again but I had a feeling it was meant to be. I wish you could join our study group!

  3. You are so good at interpreting in a way that I can understand with my boggled brain. Thanks for taking the time to share (twice)! -Angie