Thursday, February 6, 2014

Okay, Jack you brought it, but guess what.....

.....many of us wore SKIRTS with leggings yesterday. Take that Jack Frost!

And so we woke up to this.....

Actually, my phone said -30 when I woke up. Let this day begin!!

As this phenomena of a pseudo-ice age is affecting us, funny things happen and are said:

As I was wrapping my son's face in a new, black fleece scarf, he tells me,
      "I'm a ninja!"
       "A guy threw a class of cold water and a glass of hot water in the air and the hot froze first!"
       "When I go outside and my nose-hairs freeze, that's when it's the best!"
and I respond, "I love the way the cold air feels in my lungs while I'm getting over a cold. I feel like I can breathe."
and dropping off my other son at school
      "Doesn't your heater work?"
                               I reply, "Um, well not until I get to campus - or we replace the water pump....."

Okay, so I get to class and here's what I hear:

"The temperature is -30 with a -47 wind chill"

     "My hair turned white from my breath freezing on it."

          "I live in a place where the air hurts my face!"

               "Half of my ear has frostbite - there's a line where my hat wasn't covering it"

And as I'm getting into the car for my mid-day break.......
I have to defrost the ice from my lenses. I pretty much have to choose from covering my face with a scarf and fogging up my glasses, or go without one or the other.
(Oh, and I just have to share that there's a guy sitting across the library from me with earphones plugged into his laptop and he's busting a gut laughing!!!!!! Man, I love this library!)
And my son calls me at work to see when I'm coming home. He wants to show me a trick. (I'm thinking - great, he's going to make me stand out here all night while he does donuts on the dirt bike in the snow)

.....Instead, he comes running out in shorts to throw a cup of hot water in the air for me!  It was amazing!! It came down as really heavy snow.

I love this place. 

sources: college students at MSU


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