Friday, April 27, 2012

A little genre help, please?

Okay, I know I should be studying for finals, but I need a little down-time and this is where I go. I have been checking out a new genre of YA - graphic novels. One of my son's has been borrowing and buying Anime comics lately and having me take him to B&N to pick up more. I go along with it and chalk (is it chalk or chock?) it up to being a phase and hey - it's reading for fun and that's what it's all about, right?

from Manga site
So, we got really confused at B&N - what's the difference between Anime, Manga, and Graphic Novels? I know the first two have a definite Asian style and content. I've seen Graphic Novels based on American & European romance recently, but what about Anime & Manga? Something about one is made into film and one is strictly book-form?  I need some help here.......

from Anime site

And what's with the girls in these books? Ugh! 



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