Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday........the cure for

Temporary Homework Amnesia.

UGH, why is it that Monday reveals all the truths hidden for the last three days? Suddenly memories work retroactively..........

 What, you have a test today? You have to know how many states and capitals? Why weren't you studying this weekend?  What, you don't have time for a shower? Why didn't you get up when I woke you and take one? What about last night? 

I declare next Sunday to be Monday. I will wake them all up and announce that they need to get ready for school - showers, lunches, sudden revelations that homework spontaneously generated on their bedroom floor - Brrrring It!  Then, when we get up the next day, I won't feel like this.....


  1. You turn into a Mommy Monter too? We must be related!