Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Frappaccino 6th Graders Club

A strange new phenomenon is sweeping through the sixth grade. While energy drinks may be a status symbol among youth, coffee is their newest game. Imagine looking over at the kids getting off the bus at school with their coffee mugs in hand. My son claims that his friend even has one of those REI mugs that is also a French-Press (retail $29) that releases a double-shot of caffeine. The strange thing is this is only at the 6th grade level - not 7th. Even stranger is that the school is creating guidelines and pretty much allowing it.

So let's look at this from a parent's perspective - my son's friends are getting hooked on coffee before they are done growing. Could this mean a new generation of short guys? Are we nurturing our future baristas? Will they take coffee to new heights in 10 years? Will they replace the empty coffee can or leave us hanging?

Let's look at it from an educators perspective - well, at least they are not drinking RockStar's which the parents would complain about. And students falling asleep in class is a thing of the past. The classroom smells like home. Maybe one could bring a refill for the teacher?

For now, my son will have a cool metal mug to tote around - filled to the brim swith creamy, steaming hot cocoa. What do you think, would decaf coffee be just as harmful as full-caff to a young body? Should I embrace the trend knowing I won't have any more notes from the teacher that he fell asleep?


  1. It's so true. What's with the coffee cliques? I guess we have to choose the lesser of two evils and coffee wins over the Rockstars. But your idea is best . . .the hot cocoa. He can start a new trend. Maybe it will be cheaper?

  2. I think coffee is a lil much for children that age. Love the hot chocolate idea better.