Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Superfind! Stephen King Pop-Up Book

Would you believe that in the world of amazing pop up books (which I am addicted to), enters a frightening thing...................The King.......EEEEEEEEEKKKK!!!

See in the tiny white type up there?  It says "Pop Up Book" - I know, freaky-right?  My boys LOVE it!  It's an adaptation of a novel about a nine-year old lost in the woods. True to King's style, the  pop-ups are so creepy. Imagine a hooded figure that has a moving hood and when you move the lever the face us uncovered and it's a face of BEES!!!! 

Amazon has some stock photos, but the funny thing is, they left out all the scary stuff - the monster, the bee-freak and other creature I will leave to your imagination.
This one is the boys' favorite - you can see inside the cab

You know what would be reeeeallly creepy? Being lost in the woods and running into this guy.....

and just for fun - if you've read The Dome. Does this weird you out?????????.....


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