Friday, September 30, 2011

.......and exhale.......whew!

First mid-term is out of the way - YAAAYYY!

So far, in 5-6 weeks of school I have:

  • Worked with cooties and accidently touched them

So I go over to grab a few petri-dishes of Streptomyces, Staphlococcus and Bacillus (yep, the nasty ones) and pick up two from one stack only my fingers are touching something very WET! AAACK! I accidently lifted the lid and touched either staph or bacillus with my bare fingers - EEEEEWWWWW!

Although I've probably touched worse in my own bathroom, let's just say I washed my hands with anti-microbial soap while timing it to the Happy Birthday about ten times that day. ;0)

  • Began volunteering at Eagle-Mount helping people with disabilities ride horses.
What? You mean I could complete my service-work requirements, help someone, be outside and mingle with horses? I'm in!

I  learned about the actual work - care of the horses, how to support a rider, how to pull a rider off in an emergency, schedules. My job will be to walk beside the horse and rider and hold onto the rider's belt. It's more challenging than it looks. I am 5ft1in. so my stride is barely enough to keep up with the horses stride and my arms are a few inches below where I can hold the rider comfortably so I'll be stretch-holding, double-time walking for an hour on the trail.

Next comes the impact part - learning about the rider. So far I have only had one session with Tom, a 23 year old with cerebal palsy and prone to grand-mal seizures. He is unable to speak but man he loves to ride! He made me laugh when he kept pushing my face away from his leg - he wants to do it on his own. He's a little tippy though and needs me to at least hold the cuff of his jeans.

  • Watched and wrote a reflection and hour-long documentary on physician-assisted suicide (to the end and I mean the guys end - ugh!)

  • Attended Native American Heritage day - the must fantastic celebration EVA!
Fancy Dancer

Is it any wonder college students act the way they do? They are on a stress-laden emotional rollercoaster!

What's the most fun experience you've had in school?


  1. Geeze, Leah! You have done so much and I didn't even know you have done all this other stuff. I'm sorry I can never talk on the phone--you know and I know we can barely finish a sentence with 3 boys on my side and 4 on yours. But, wow! I'm so glad to read this to find out what exciting things have been going on in your classes. It's so cool about the Special Needs Horse Riding camp. I only imagined that you sit in a boring class and try not to fall asleep since that's the only time you get to sit down for more than five minutes at a time! Good for you and don't give up! You are an inspiration!