Monday, November 21, 2011

School Apps Rock!

Some of my kids are fantastic about getting their schoolwork done and turned in, others have some sort of portal they send their half-completed work into called "Idontknow". This place of Idontknow must be overflowing with assignments, half-finished posters, and reminders about school picture day.

Then comes the privileges - parties, sleepovers, Saturdays spent at friends' houses. Those privileges I look back at and think, "Why, oh why, did I let him go do all that when all this work was being marked as missing at school?" It's really hard to keep in contact with busy teachers that have tiny windows of time to talk to parents and align your time with theirs. After awhile, I feel like I'm just annoying the teachers asking if his work is turned in.


After a major computer crash and near report card-less quarter last year, the school built an entirely new system for students and parents. I can now sign in  - even on a cell phone - and look at all four of my boys' progress, future assignments and ultimately know on the spot if they are up to date or just fudging that, "Um, yeah, all my work is done - can I go now?". I LOVE THIS APP!

.....because inquiring mom's want to know...............


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