Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Review: Accused by Kate Kaynak Ganzfield Series Book 4

Ganzfield Series Book 4
Shortly after using my secret remote ability on Kate Kaynak, I was thrilled to receive an ARC of Ganzfield Series book 4 Accused .What a fabulous way to spend the 4th - fireworks before the fireworks! Accused is incredibly intense, mind-boggling, romance filled and action-packed.  Kate Kaynak left no small detail without a unique connection. Abilities abounded, relationships deepened and Rachel and her baby made me want to don a tinfoil suit and become her honorary auntie!

It's extremely challenging to discuss anything from Accused without spoiling it, but here goes. Just looking at the cover lets you in on Maddie's imprisonment. Colonel Hunter is one sick,evil officer-gone-rogue keeping her in a secret facility. His intentions are to "break"  and control Maddie and his efforts make you want to pour all you inner strength into her so she can survive and be reunited with Trevor and everyone at Ganzfield. My heart broke for Maddie!

Ah, but the rest of the book is loaded with fascinating mixtures of abilities and combinations of characters  that will keep you glued to Accused.I don't want to spoil the story, but I'll let you in on one secret I think I figured out: Kate Kaynak unknowingly reveals her true identity as an actual member of Ganzfield living her life as an author in a remote location. She uses her reverse RV ability - causing you to seek her book out, minder-projects a vivid, action packed, romantic, thrilling and touching dream into your mind and then charms you into believing you simply read a fabulous novel in your own living room. She's a sneaky one, that Kate!

The only thing I really, really hated was the four words on page 251 "End of book four"!

If you are reading this review and have no idea what I am talking about, then you MUST, MUST read Minder  - you will have the advantage of jumping right to books 2-4 after that this summer. You can find these books for sale at Amazon and Accused is expected to be released August 15th
I give Accused Photobucket 5 firecrackin' stars!