Thursday, June 2, 2011

e-Book Review: Solstice by P.J. Hoover

Okay, I love to gush about good books but this time you're getting a geyser! 

Author P.J. Hoover has written a thrilling, twisting-turning story about Greek gods living in the near future - two of which are fighting for the love of Piper. Piper's seemingly dull, sheltered life erupts into a fast-paced journey back and forth between the Underworld and her present-day teenage life. To say it was a journey of self-discovery is putting it mildly. P.J. Hoover BLASTS you with a shocking surprise about her main character and has you wondering night and day if she'll end up with Shayne or will Reese trick her into his arms? Oh, wait - maybe Reese is who she should be with?  Idunno - I'm with Piper, one minute I'm certain, the next not sure. All of creation depends on her choice. And for you adult-teenagers that love YA, Hoover ads just enough steam to keep the romance real and earth-crackin' hot.

And the settings - the seemingly-dystopian world (or is it really suffering a dystopian effect?) Piper keeps you imagining the heat, the protective domes over the city, and the urgency of seeking shelter from the sudden heat waves all give your imagination a work-out. Add to it the other happy/creepy she visits to the Underworld and you will be in fiction-opia yourself! 

And the Mythology - while I don't worship Zeus, I always loved Mythology - aren't they really just stories that we share with centuries past? Strong characters built in- imaginative stories passed on for generations to enjoy. I love that P.J. Hoover has resuscitated them and brought them new life - making them relevant in modern times. A refreshing change from vampires and dystopia.

An added thumbs up to the fantastic writing here. She kept me so engaged -  I read this on my phone! This was my first experience reading an e-book through and I read it everywhere  - at baseball practice, at work during lunch,  and even after work at 1:30AM. Dr. Seuss would have write a rhyme about me! I can't believe I got this much entertainment out of a $2.99 download that took me only seconds to purchase.

I can't say it enough don't throw away another $4.99 to rent a movie - download this book! Your summer reading list is begging you to put the cherry on top!

I give Solstice Photobucket in Orion's belt!

You can find Solstice at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Roots In Myth.  Also, if you are like me and can't get enough - you can sign up to receive a scannable trading card with story-extras. We're talking fun now! You have got to see these cards! Tanni (creepy-girl) and the beautiful Chloe and her beaus Shayne and Reese and more. See Roots In Myth for a chance to receive a card.


  1. GO PJ! She is so awesome! And, awesome review too! :-)

  2. I agree! I am her newest-biggest fan! Glad you liked the review ;)

  3. Gush a way! I love hearing about new books!