Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Review - Legacy by Kate Kaynak Book #3 of Ganzfield Series

     If you are a follower of the Kate Kaynak's Ganzfield Series, you are going to LOVE book three, Legacy!

     Legacy picks up with the Ganzfield group of students with superpower abilities returning to the Ganzfield compound after a massive tragedy. Many other Ganzfield alumni and relatives are flocking to the compound to avoid the wrath of Isaiah, who is out to murder anyone with similar abilities as well as steal their supplies of ability-enhancing "dodecamine". Supply is running out for Isaiah and he's out for quick, calculated revenge. This threat brings in new characters with different combinations of abilities as well as returning characters, like the minders Ann and Zack, and the bombshell, Belinda. Kate Kaynak is turning up the heat with added romances and personality clashes and just when you think the battle is over, she throws in a new twist!

     Legacy is a perfect combination of supernatural teen romance, friendship, and exhilarating thrills. Kate Kaynak unleashes yet again her superpower "charm" ability to grab hold of your mind and take you on a hair-raising, mind-scrambling, emotional ride. She'll have you holding your breath in fear one minute, then exhaling it with and out-loud laugh at one of her characters' zingers!
"Mom...The pain and wordless accusation in her eyes stopped me and I sighed. I guess every parent has a moment when she realizes that her little girl is all grown up and wants to hunt killer telepaths. Outside, Seth cracked up."
From outside, Seth's exasperation came through. Geez, Maddie! You aren't one to talk" For eight months we've all had heads full of , "Ooh, Trevor's so amazing!" "Trevor's so handsome!" "Trevor's my perfect soulmate!" His mental voice whined with falsetto parody. [...] I wish I could shield. Ann was still embarrassed. I wish Seth could, I thought sourly.
"I'd still be able to talk, Maddie!" came the thin sound of a shout from outside.
     I loved Legacy and for a third book in a series it didn't disappoint. I loved it as much as Adversary and can't wait for Accused to come out next summer. As much as I love the thrills, my favorite parts were the "girl-talk" between Ann and Maddie, the relief I felt with Zach in charge, and Trevor protecting Maddie while she sleeps (dying to leak out a spoiler here - but you'll just have to read it for yourself!) Will Ann and Maddie stay friends? Will their compound remain safe? Will Maddie and Trevor be able to remain in their four-armed loving embrace? What will happen with Rachel? Will we "see" more of Seth?
     Thank you, Kate for my ARC of Legacy! Your "abilities" improve with every book - Williamson would be proud! May you never run out of "dodecamine"!

I give Legacy ***** 5 Stars!
You can get your copy of Legacy here and check out the Ganzfield fan page here.